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Author HeX0R /
Author email HeX0R@coderbu.de /
Author website http://hex0rs.coderbu.de /
Description Tray0R V1.03

Tray0R is a tool which can hide almost any Window and send it into the tray.
So your Taskbar will stay free of programs, which just doing there jobs and almost doesn't need any user input.

When minimizing Tray0R, it will itself take place in the Tray.

-link to german board-

New in V1.03:
  1. Totally new look
  2. You now see the original icons of the windows
  3. you can minimize windows also via menu of tray0r
  4. 4 different views (like explorer)
  5. auto refresh always enabled (needs almost no resources, so why not)
  6. Update-check
  7. new Icon (not perfect, but best i can do. wanna send me something cooler?)

New in V1.02:
-AutoHide List (Programs, automatically hidden, when started)
-Autorefresh (optional)

New in V1.01:
-Sticky now optional
-Blacklist (Programs, which won't show in Tray0R)
Image thumb_tray0r.png
Size 53.42kB
Date Saturday 13 June 2009 - 02:00:00
Downloads 767
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