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History Viewer [Linux]

Author HeX0R /
Author email HeX0R@coderbu.de /
Author website http://hex0rs.coderbu.de /
Description History Viewer V2.20

now for Linux also!
(Looking for the windows version?)

History Viewer is a PB IDE-Tool, that is working like a personal version controling system.
It is also useful as a kind of backup-system, cause you can simply restore almost any older Version of a source code and it doesn't need much space.

Whenever you release a product, you should freeze the sources and sent them to the "released projects".

It works like this:
Whenever you open a sourcecode it will look in its history, if this file allready is there.
If it isn't it will create a copy of the whole file.
Whenever you close your IDE the changes to the previous version will be saved.

Feature List

  • - load/restore any older code-version
  • - delete single versions
  • - ignore single sources and/or complete folders
  • - create initial history data of complete source-code-folder
  • - update all historys with one click
  • - add binaries to released projects
  • - see differences between versions
  • - automatic backups
  • - create own templates
  • - use sqlite (for private history) or decentralized postgresql (on a server e.g.)
  • - data compressed (and incremental)
  • - freeze versions, when released
  • - starting new branches
  • - ...

Just start the hv-file and find your PureBasic-Folder.


Update V2.20
  1. - Added: You can set charset for sources without BOM
  2. - Added: CSS of codeview now editable

Update V2.19
  1. - Added: x64 Version
  2. - Added: Treeview can be changed (front color, back color, font)
  3. - Changed: changed to unicode

Update V2.18
  1. - Added: Any individual history is deletable now. (Changes will be integrated in the following history)
  2. - Changed: Select Archive Window now resizable
  3. - Changed: Added a Version ComboBox to Archive-Window
  4. - Fixed: When enabled "store histories directly on saving" no more backups have been created

Update V2.17
  1. - Added Storing histories into db directly after saving (not recommended, but requested)
  2. - Changed: Position of Inputbox
  3. - Changed: Adding Versions in projectview will now offer a suggestion (using last version of a project and adding '#2')
  4. - Fixed: Inputbox didn't show, when hv looses focus (resulting in a no more usable hv)
  5. - Fixed Properties of binaries are now disabled (and won't crash hv anymore)

Update V2.16
  1. - Added deleting of history folders
  2. - Changed: Splitter now resizable to x=0
  3. - Improved deleting/ignoring speed (but not much)

Update V2.15
  1. - Added possibility to search inside code (CTRL+F)
  2. - Added defaultfont to templates

Update V2.14
  1. - Improved History-Creation-Speed, so hv won't block your pc anymore at the end
  2. - Improved History Output:
    When selecting a history, the complete History will be loaded into memory.
    Then you can change between versions and/or templates nearly instantly
    (Well o.k., huge sources will still need some time to load into the WebGadget)
  3. - Put History Output in an extra threat
  4. - Fixed Copy/Move into released projects(No one realized this??)
  5. - Added possibility to copy historys (for starting new branches)
  6. - Added quickjump Window for Procedures and Structures (CTRL + I[nfo])
  7. - Some more things i forgot...

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Date Thursday 03 September 2015 - 02:00:00
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