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Dialog Design0R

on 05.Jul.18: 22:10  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Wow, I guess anyone thought I am dead?

Not really, I'm still around, and still create stupid tools and apps, but there were no need to release anything until now.

Here comes a xml dialog designer, called Dialog Design0R.
A little more info and download link is here

I should add some help file also, I know.
Let's see what I can do, no promises though.

History Viewer 2.20

on 03.Sep.15: 22:58  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Update V2.20

  1. - Added: You can set charset for sources without BOM
  2. - Added: CSS of codeview now editable

Windows Version
Linux Version

History Viewer 2.19

on 23.Aug.15: 23:23  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Update V2.19

Yes, I'm still alive wink

I've modified the history viewer a little bit, please see links here:

Windows Version
Linux Version

Now with unicode support and 64 Bit executables are included.

History Viewer 2.18

on 15.Jul.12: 13:15  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Update V2.18

  1. Added: Any individual history is deletable now. (Changes will be integrated in the following history)
  2. Changed: Select Archive Window now resizable
  3. Changed: Added a Version ComboBox to Archive-Window
  4. Fixed: When enabled "store histories directly on saving" no more backups have been created

Windows Version
Linux Version

History Viewer 2.17

on 06.Jul.12: 19:44  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
And another update to history viewer...

Update V2.17

  1. Added Storing histories into db directly after saving (not recommended, but requested)
  2. Changed: Position of Inputbox
  3. Changed: Adding Versions in projectview will now offer a suggestion (using last version of a project and adding '#2')
  4. Fixed: Inputbox didn't show, when hv looses focus (resulting in a no more usable hv)
  5. Fixed Properties of binaries are now disabled (and won't crash hv anymore)

History Viewer 2.16

on 04.Jul.12: 22:37  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Because of a feature request, there is a new version of history viewer online.


  • Added deleting of history folders
  • Changed: Splitter now resizable to x=0
  • Improved deleting/ignoring speed (but not much)


History Viewer 2.15

on 26.Feb.12: 19:52  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Update V2.15

  1. Added possibility to search inside code (CTRL+F)
  2. Added defaultfont to templates


History Viewer 2.14

on 05.Feb.12: 20:12  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Update V2.14
  1. Improved History-Creation-Speed, so hv won't block your pc anymore at the end
  2. Improved History Output:
    When selecting a history, the complete History will be loaded into memory.
    Then you can change between versions and/or templates nearly instantly
    (Well o.k., huge sources will still need some time to load into the WebGadget)
  3. Put History Output in an extra threat
  4. Fixed Copy/Move into released projects (No one realized this??)
  5. Added possibility to copy historys (for starting new branches)
  6. Added quickjump Window for Procedures and Structures (CTRL + I[nfo])
  7. Some more things i forgot...



on 29.Oct.11: 23:04  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Hi there,

because of this thread, i had the idea to give the Purebasic Editor the power of switching color-schemes really easy.
This is a product of about 2 hours of coding, so there might be some glitches.

More infos -here-.

Have fun!

History Viewer 2.13

on 05.Oct.11: 22:10  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Here we go again.
Good news for all the linuxfans out there:
Here comes the very first version of history viewer for Linux.

For the windows version there are also a few changes/improvements:
  1. Changed format of backup files!
    The old backup files are no longer usable, you can delete them.
    Now formats are the same for sqlite and postgre. This means, you can upload a postgre sql-backup into a sqlite database and vice versa.
  2. Fixed a few things with the tool-installation.
  3. Fixed a few bugs.

The linux version runs here stable on a PCLinuxOS .
There is one known bug: The chm-helpfile won't open.

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