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History Viewer 2.12

on 26.Aug.11: 17:14  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
There were a feature request which needs to be added.
Now you are able to rename files and/or folders.

History Viewer 2.11

on 26.Aug.11: 12:18  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc  Comments are turned off for this item
This is a bugfix-release-only!
There are no new features!

Fixed handling of singlequotes.

As usual here.

History Viewer 2.10

on 10.Jun.11: 22:58  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
A new version of history viewer is born!


Update V2.10
  1. Added possibility to directly install into JaPBe
  2. Added PostgreSQL!
    Now it is possible to use a centralized Historydatabase.
    (usable from anywhere)
  3. Added possibility to delete the very last history
  4. Added help file (not much in it, it's just the beginning)
  5. Changed from JCalG1 to zip.
    All of your histories have to get updated!
    (This is to make the database also usable with linux and Mac)
  6. Added option to delete tempfiles when closing IDE.
  7. Added program parameters to allow History Viewer to be used with other programing languages
  8. [...]

Go and grab it.

History Viewer 2.01

on 25.Mar.11: 11:38  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Update V2.01
  1. Added possibility to ignore files/folders
  2. Fixed installation (sometimes it won't install in the PB IDE)
  3. Added possibility to rebuild Database
    (when deleting historys/binaries, the database won't get any smaller, so you can now make use of the rebuild function)
  4. Some internal fixes

History Viewer 2.0

on 16.Mar.11: 11:34  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
Just a quick note, i'm not dead!

here is a very new version of the PureBasic privat Version controling system called History Viewer.
It is almost a complete rewrite, so go and grab your Historyviewer now!

Have fun!

Dancing queen...

on 26.Aug.10: 18:12  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
It seems my four year old daughter wants to go to showbiz when she's older:


Tray0r V1.03

on 14.Jun.09: 01:16  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
A long time nothing new here, i know.
I had no spare brain-resources to code something, so i decided to make the family-guy...

But since a few weeks, i'm coding again.
So now here comes the all new beloved TraY0R:

Tray0R V1.03

New in V1.03:
  1. Totally new look
  2. You now see the original icons of the windows
  3. you can minimize windows also via menu of tray0r
  4. 4 different views (like explorer)
  5. auto refresh always enabled (needs almost no resources, so why not)
  6. Update-check
  7. new Icon (not perfect, but best i can do. wanna send me something cooler?)
So go and grab your Tray0R now!

Tray0R V1.02

on 20.Dec.08: 00:28  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
A new version of Tray0R is here for your pleasure.

  1. Autohide List. (Add Programs here, which will automatically be trayed, when started)
  2. Optional Autorefresh

G15 Lib

on 14.Dec.08: 21:52  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
If you came here to download my G15 library for Purebasic:

Check this out, there is the source from now on.

Tray0R V1.01

on 14.Dec.08: 12:20  Posted by HeX0R  Category: Misc   Comments: 0
I made a few improvements to Tray0R:

- The sticky function is now optional.
- Added a blacklist for programs, you don't want to handle with Tray0R.
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