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PureBasic Codes

I decided to provide links to all of my sources i posted on the pureboards.
Most of them have been released in the german board, so maybe you can't understand anything.
But i always (well, o.k. most of the time) use english names and comments.

Have Fun

Small code for printing the content of a ListIcon as a table.

G15/G19 Shortcut Tool
Shortcut Tool for the Logitech G15 or G19 keyboard (as module).

ID3 Tag Reader
ID3 Tag Reader (as module).

Terminal Gadget
Terminal Gadget (as module).

Include to be able to use an IrDA device.

This is an PB IDE-Tool to include codes from the internet directly.

Include to be able to use a mysql-database.

Win_Services.pbi [WIN-ONLY]
Include to give your applications the power to start as service.

Include to create a zip file with just one file in it. You also can extract zip files (without password)

Include to load HTTP-Data on disk or memory (even through [configured] proxy).

Compare two textfiles
This was made by request. I extracted it off my history viewer.

Logitech G15/G19 [WIN-ONLY]
Include to create apps for the display of the logitech G15/G19 keyboard.

Bluetooth.pbi [WIN-ONLY]
Include for doing some action with the bluetooth-api

NetworkAdapterInterface [WIN-ONLY]
Include to show all available networkadapters and also a few functions to work with them.

Internet-Updates [WIN-ONLY]
Include (and also a nice tool, which will get downloaded) to help your applications to provide a comfortable autoupdate function.

Include to make error-hunting much easier.
Just include this into your source and activate the OnError function.
Anything you need is included.

Include to use the blowfish-algo.

Include to provide pop3-functionality.

The Levensthein-algorithm. Useful to compare two strings

Debug Window-Events [WIN-ONLY]
Include to make the Window Events more readable
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