Tray0r V1.03

 HeX0R    14.Jun.09: 01:16
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A long time nothing new here, i know.

A long time nothing new here, i know.
I had no spare brain-resources to code something, so i decided to make the family-guy...

But since a few weeks, i'm coding again.
So now here comes the all new beloved TraY0R:

Tray0R V1.03

New in V1.03:
  1. Totally new look
  2. You now see the original icons of the windows
  3. you can minimize windows also via menu of tray0r
  4. 4 different views (like explorer)
  5. auto refresh always enabled (needs almost no resources, so why not)
  6. Update-check
  7. new Icon (not perfect, but best i can do. wanna send me something cooler?)
So go and grab your Tray0R now!

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