History Viewer 2.10

 HeX0R    10.Jun.11: 22:58
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A new version of history viewer is born!

A new version of history viewer is born!


Update V2.10
  1. Added possibility to directly install into JaPBe
  2. Added PostgreSQL!
    Now it is possible to use a centralized Historydatabase.
    (usable from anywhere)
  3. Added possibility to delete the very last history
  4. Added help file (not much in it, it's just the beginning)
  5. Changed from JCalG1 to zip.
    All of your histories have to get updated!
    (This is to make the database also usable with linux and Mac)
  6. Added option to delete tempfiles when closing IDE.
  7. Added program parameters to allow History Viewer to be used with other programing languages
  8. [...]

Go and grab it.

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