History Viewer 2.14

 HeX0R    05.Feb.12: 20:12
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Update V2.14

Update V2.14
  1. Improved History-Creation-Speed, so hv won't block your pc anymore at the end
  2. Improved History Output:
    When selecting a history, the complete History will be loaded into memory.
    Then you can change between versions and/or templates nearly instantly
    (Well o.k., huge sources will still need some time to load into the WebGadget)
  3. Put History Output in an extra threat
  4. Fixed Copy/Move into released projects (No one realized this??)
  5. Added possibility to copy historys (for starting new branches)
  6. Added quickjump Window for Procedures and Structures (CTRL + I[nfo])
  7. Some more things i forgot...


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