Dialog Design0R

Submitted by HeX0R on Thu, 02/27/2020 - 21:11

Dialog Design0R V1.53



Here is a new tool, called Dialog Design0R.
It is a quite powerful tool to create xml dialogs for PureBasic, SpiderBasic or any other language which uses xml dialogs.
If you want to create dialogs for SpiderBasic, make sure to change the combo box on the top to "SpiderBasic".

I did a quick check via VirusTotal, and 1 out of 59 scanners found something suspicious (there is nothing dangerous in it anyway!).
The (PureBasic) source code is also available, just click -here- (can be compiled under windows, linux and MacOS)

New in V1.53

  • IDs and Names of virtual containers will be stored also in the additional file


New in V1.52

  • Fixed align attribute of hbox and vbox
  • Changed online update URL (might be better for some antivir tools)


New in V1.51

  • Moved lan files to Languages folder
  • Added support for language icons
  • Added French translation (thanks to Mesa!)
  • Added missing language text


New in V1.50

  • Added Theme Support
  • Added option: Show full path to xml in title bar
  • Added link to Website
  • Improved: Redrawing (will not always recreate all dialogs)
  • Improved: Gadget on Panel selection


New in V1.49

  • Fixed a bug where deleting an item ended-up in deleting all parents also
  • Added Shortcuts for Undo/Redo (CTRL+Z/CTRL+Y)
  • Tabs will now show the Text in the Tree
  • Fixed Tabs being able to be copied to non panels
  • Added simple Info/About Box


New in V1.48

  • Added OnLostFocus event (seems I've forgotten it)
  • Added Shortcut (Shift + F10) to open the context menu of the tree
  • Select correct item after moving it
  • Removed confirmation on closing DD, when there is no dialog open.
  • Small changes to the main dialog of DD


New in V1.47

  • Added confirmation when closing DD [optional]
  • Removed frame flags (they are not really supported by the dialog lib)
  • Added a function to change ID/name of copied items to prevent cloned IDs/names. Not perfect, but better than nothing, I guess.


New in V1.46

  • Fixed disappearing imagebuttons
  • Removed trailing spaces in XML
  • Update Check now works asynchronous, to prevent DD from being blocked for a while, when online-URL is unreachable


New in V1.45

  • Fixed a few panel related things
  • Added possibility to automatically let DD open the last used Dialog


New in V1.43

  • Fixed groups of option items
  • Fixed the order of translate.txt


New in V1.42

  • Fixed quite some bugs from V1.40
  • Added multilanguage support.
    Use the "translate.txt" file, translate it and save it as "yourlanguage.lan"
    You can also send this to me, and I will officially add it.


New in V1.40

  • Containers can now easily be replaced (rightclick... switch container)
    This has been requested
  • Added a cut option
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts (e.g. CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X, F5 = Show all Dialogs, F6 = Hide all Dialogs)
  • Added a preference window and moved the configuration settings to this window (e.g. refresh time, comment settings, ...)
  • All dialogs will now remember their last positions/sizes
  • Fixed Drag'n Drop for Linux (GTK only!, Need help for the QT subsystem, see Source at the beginning)
  • Improved flickering issue under Windows
  • "Save xml to file" can now be set dialog dependant.
    I recognized, that I sometimes want the dialog to be saved into a source code file, and sometimes not.
    If you select the "dialog" item now in the tree, you will see the options, to store the xml in an additional source code file.
    In the preferences window, you can set the default values (which will be used, when a new dialog is created)
  • Some bug fixes


New in V1.32

  • Seems some firewalls don't like the automatic update, this might be due to my domain suggerating it is a really EVIL site!
    Anyway, I removed the auto-check and added a user-driven update-check (recognized the new icon in the top right corner?
  • Added TABs to the constant output (shouldn't be needed, but has been requested)


New in V1.31

  • Fixed automatic switching of dialoge types when using add-ons

  • Added possibility to store XML also into the additional file (optional, new checkbox in constant window)

  • default_save_template updated, please make sure to integrate the changes into your save_template.json (or just replace it)

  • Fixed some typos


New in V1.30

  • Added possibility to save an additional file which contains all of the names/ids/procedures (de/activate this on top of the constant window, if you can't see this window, reactivate it with F2)
    Please check/change the included save_template.json file, it is responsible for the look of the output file
  • Added a simple update check (once a day)
  • Changed the included AddOn, it will now handle both PureBasic and SpiderBasic sources (please delete the former AddOn)
  • Removed the "tool" flag from the constant window and added a minimize possibility

New in V1.29

  • Fixed a few things regarding panels
  • Added F2 Shortcut for showing/hiding the constant window
  • A few improvements

New in V1.27:

  • Fixed DD starting invisible

New in V1.26:

  • The dialoge type will be stored inside the XML.
  • Added some more tooltips