Dialog Design0R

Submitted by HeX0R on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 22:16

Dialog Design0R V1.61


Here is a new tool, called Dialog Design0R.
It is a quite powerful tool to create xml dialogs for PureBasic, SpiderBasic or any other language which uses xml dialogs.
If you want to create dialogs for SpiderBasic, make sure to change the combo box on the top to "SpiderBasic".

I did a quick check via VirusTotal, and 0 out of 61 scanners found something suspicious (there is nothing dangerous in it anyway!).
The (PureBasic) source code is also available, just click -here- (can be compiled under windows, linux and MacOS)

New in V1.61

  • Added -> Margin attribute now available for those containers (I think) which are supporting it.
  • Added -> Preference option, to open all Dialogs as childs of DD (instead of independent ones)
  • Added -> Preference option for an alternative naming of copied elements
  • Added -> Option to store the state of the tree entries (collapsed/expanded) also in the XML as a comment
  • Added -> Menu Items to expand/collapse a tree entry and all of its childs quickly
  • Added -> Menu Items to comment/uncomment elements, including containers and their childs.
    Could help, if you want to try different designs, without the need of really removing elements.
  • Added -> #PB_Canvas_Container flag to Canvas, and made it also work as a (single) container.
    DD is not checking if the flag is really set, if not, you will not see any of the added gadgets.
  • Added -> DD will remember the ReadOnly setting of the debug window
  • Changed -> About Window (check it out!)


New in V1.60

  • Fixed -> name attributes need to be unique only within a window element
  • Fixed -> Preference window could be hidden on a no longer available desktop
  • Added -> Multi-Copy Mode:
    Use the Icon or press F3 to en- or disable the multi-copy mode.
    From then on you can select single entries with the mouse (when selecting a container all childs will be selected also automatically).
    When you are finished, select the entry, you want all the previously selected entries copied to with a right click, and find the Multi-Copy menu.
    You can then copy or move them to the new destination.
    While in Multi-Copy-Mode, you should not move any entries! Otherwise you might copy the wrong ones.
  • Added -> F2 will open the constants window
  • Added -> You can use \n in text elements to force a line feed.
  • Added -> DD Advanced T00L (F12)
    Here you can look at single paths, show the whole XML, even edit the XML and load it back into DD.
    Only for advanced Users!
  • Added -> custom attributes are now allowed for the dialogs element also.


New in V1.53

  • IDs and Names of virtual containers will be stored also in the additional file


New in V1.52

  • Fixed align attribute of hbox and vbox
  • Changed online update URL (might be better for some antivir tools)