I decided to provide links to all of my sources i posted on the pureboards.
Most of them have been released in the german board, so maybe you can't understand anything.
But i always (well, o.k. most of the time) use english names and comments.

Have Fun

  • Add StatusBar, ToolBar, Menus to Dialogs
    Add some more stuff to the dialogs
  • Stringbuilder Module
    Small, yet powerfull module to circumvent the slowness of PB when appending large strings
  • Enigma2 Streamer
    Code to connect to an Enigma2 receiver and stream tv.
  • PrintListIcon()
    Small code for printing the content of a ListIcon as a table.
  • G15/G19 Shortcut Tool
    Shortcut Tool for the Logitech G15 or G19 keyboard (as module).
  • ID3 Tag Reader
    ID3 Tag Reader (as module).
  • IDE Tool Helper
    This is a module to add automatic installation functionalities to your PB IDE Tools.
  • Terminal Gadget
    Terminal Gadget (as module).
  • IrDA.pbi
    Include to be able to use an IrDA device.
  • HttpInclude
    This is an PB IDE-Tool to include codes from the internet directly.
  • mysql.pbi
    Include to be able to use a mysql-database.
  • Win_Services.pbi [WIN-ONLY]
    Include to give your applications the power to start as service.
  • Pipifax-Zip-Include
    Include to create a zip file with just one file in it. You also can extract zip files (without password)
  • GetHTTPFile [WIN-ONLY]
    Include to load HTTP-Data on disk or memory (even through [configured] proxy).
  • Compare two textfiles
    This was made by request. I extracted it off my [link=]history viewer[/link].
  • Logitech G15/G19 [WIN-ONLY]
    Include to create apps for the display of the logitech G15/G19 keyboard.
  • Bluetooth.pbi [WIN-ONLY]
    Include for doing some action with the bluetooth-api
  • NetworkAdapterInterface [WIN-ONLY]
    Include to show all available networkadapters and also a few functions to work with them.
  • Internet-Updates [WIN-ONLY]
    Include (and also a nice tool, which will get downloaded) to help your applications to provide a comfortable autoupdate function.
  • OnError-Include
    Include to make error-hunting much easier.
    Just include this into your source and activate the OnError function.
    Anything you need is included.
  • BlowFish.pbi
    Include to use the blowfish-algo.
  • POP3-Include
    Include to provide pop3-functionality.
    No SSL/TLS!
  • Levensthein-Algo
    The Levensthein-algorithm. Useful to compare two strings
  • Debug Window-Events [WIN-ONLY]
    Include to make the Window Events more readable [/size]