Dialog Design0R

Dialog Design0R
Dialog Design0R

Here is a new tool, called Dialog Design0R.
It is a quite powerful tool to create xml dialogs for PureBasic, SpiderBasic or any other language which uses xml dialogs.
If you want to create dialogs for SpiderBasic, make sure to change the combo box on the top to “SpiderBasic”.

I did a quick check via VirusTotal, and only 1 out of 62 scanners found something suspicious (there is nothing dangerous in it anyway!).
The (PureBasic) source code is also available, just click -here- (can be compiled under windows, linux and MacOS)

New in V1.85

  • made DD compatible to PB6.10
    (added UseDialog…Init commands, added OpenGL gadget, added WebView Gadget, …)
  • added preference option “use ids instead of names” as default value for new dialogs
  • Added some Tipps & Tricks to the help file
  • Changed Shortcuts for “Show all dialogs” to F6 and “Hide all dialogs” to SHIFT + F6
  • Added Shortcut for “Refresh Dialog” => F5
  • Added imagemenu
  • Replaced About Window
  • Added template_default.bak file check at start|


New in V1.84

  • Fixed: Crash, when trying to paste an element, which had been cut previously from a no longer existing node
  • Fixed:When option “use IDs instead of Names” was activated, windows had only an ID. But you can’t open a window with no name
  • Fixed: the temporary file ids were not always unique
  • Fixed: F7…F9 are now only usable in the debug dialog
  • Fixed: a bug in the AddStuff.pbi for Mac
  • Fixed: menus/toolbars/statusbars for PB >= 6.00
  • Added: When you set the focus on a preview window, move the mouse over a gadget and press F10, it will be selected in DD and the preview dialog (not possible for virtual containers!).
    That should improve handling of very long dialogs
  • Added: A plausibility check. It will not prevent you from saving, but there might be some comments in the log
  • Added: New Icon on top: “cascade all dialogs (SHIFT+F11)”.
    When you lost some of your dialogs (on a switched off monitor e.g.) you can bring all of them to your main monitor
  • Added: Vietnamese Language, thanks to hoangdiemtinh
  • Added: CTRL+F to search for IDs or Names within the XML
  • Added: quite some AddOn features (as preparation for a multilanguage addon)
    you probably should recompile your existing AddOns
  • Added: template item “extra stuff”, which is for statusbars, toolbars and menus
    to be able to use same IDs for toolbars and menus (which makes sense)
    you should delete SaveTemplates/default_save_template.json (will be recreated at first start)
  • Added: a constant #USE_MYTOOLBARSTANDARD_PBI
    For all those, who never used StandardToolbarButtons (which are no longer available since PB6.0), set it to #False
  • Added: support for number IDs instead of constants (like id=’12’ instead of id=’#constant1′)
  • Changed: Users are no longer bothered when they close large dialogs to which they had not made any changes
  • Changed: Debug Tool will be cleared before you load a xml into it
  • Changed: Saving Template will immediately make use of it (if the currently open dialog uses it)
  • Changed: since LAN files are in fact JSON files (UTF-8 without BOM), but editors don’t necessarily know that,
    it could happen, that editors by accident add a BOM (or use a wrong coding), resulting in DD will no longer use them.
    I’ve changed that to respect the BOM also (see _LoadJSON() in DD_internalProcedures.pbi)


New in V1.81

  • Added: Shortcut and button to move all dialogs to the upper left corner (SHIFT + F11)
    Might be useful in multi-monitor environments, when disabling monitors and the dialogs then suddenly open-up in the middle of nowhere.
  • Added: Option to reverse drag’n drop functionality
    For all those, who have the feeling the drag’n drop functionality feels wrong (copying by default and moving when additionally pressing SHIFT while dragging),
    when ticking that new option, it will be reversed (moving by default and copying with SHIFT).
    This is only for the windows version of DD and will be disabled in all others.
  • Added: the minwidth and minheight attributes of the windows now also support “auto” as value
  • Fixed: Some MacOS Path things
  • Fixed: Since PB6.0 StandardToolbarButtons are no longer supported
  • Improved: Help file




Size: 2.8MB
Version: V1.85
Published: April 5, 2024