Dialog Design0R

Dialog Design0R
Dialog Design0R

Here is a new tool, called Dialog Design0R.
It is a quite powerful tool to create xml dialogs for PureBasic, SpiderBasic or any other language which uses xml dialogs.
If you want to create dialogs for SpiderBasic, make sure to change the combo box on the top to “SpiderBasic”.

I did a quick check via VirusTotal, and only 2 out of 56 scanners found something suspicious (there is nothing dangerous in it anyway!).
The (PureBasic) source code is also available, just click -here- (can be compiled under windows, linux and MacOS)


New in V1.81

  • Added: Shortcut and button to move all dialogs to the upper left corner (SHIFT + F11)
    Might be useful in multi-monitor environments, when disabling monitors and the dialogs then suddenly open-up in the middle of nowhere.
  • Added: Option to reverse drag’n drop functionality
    For all those, who have the feeling the drag’n drop functionality feels wrong (copying by default and moving when additionally pressing SHIFT while dragging),
    when ticking that new option, it will be reversed (moving by default and copying with SHIFT).
    This is only for the windows version of DD and will be disabled in all others.
  • Added: the minwidth and minheight attributes of the windows now also support “auto” as value
  • Fixed: Some MacOS Path things
  • Fixed: Since PB6.0 StandardToolbarButtons are no longer supported
  • Improved: Help file


New in V1.80

  • Added: DD will open a dialog which is part of the currently opened project automatically (when DD is an IDE tool)
  • Changed: Option “use IDs instead of names” moved to the dialog preferences.
  • Fixed: Some small problems


New in V1.79

  • Fixed (or better “circumvented”): Crash, when rowspan >68
  • Fixed: same temp. IDs/Names could have been created twice
  • Added: Option to let DD create IDs instead of names for new Gadgets
  • Added: x and y position of dialogs are stored in the xml now (unused by PB, but useful for DD or your own apps)
  • Added: Option to let DD only use half of your monitor size (might be useful for those poor guys with only one monitor)
  • Added: Theme creator
  • Changed: Template Editor is now part of DD, please remove anything inside the SaveTemplates folder, besides all json files and the bak file. Anything else is no longer used




Size: 1.9MB
Version: V1.81
Published: September 18, 2022