NeT0R V1.006

New in 1.006:
– Files will be automatically resumed.
– You now can also Drag & Drop whole Folders.
– Changed the colors a little bit
– Deactivating Autoaccept now works.

A little history:
I tried to play Virtual Pool with my brother over the internet.
As allways nothing worked (my brother uses some kind of selfmade Win2k-Router on his side, i am using a normal Router).

Allthough i were quite sure, that my ports went out and came in, my brother said the same.
So i decided to hack this tool together.
If you run it as Server on the needed incoming ports, the other user can try to connect to it as Client to see, if anything works as expected.

Later then i decided to make it more comfortable and added a few gimmicks.

Now you can:

  1. Send/Receive Textmessages
  2. Send/Receive Files (just drag and drop them on the Messagelist)
  3. Use TCP/IP or UDP (UDP without filetransfer of course)
  4. enable/disable encryption
  5. Free selectable working port (anything then goes through this one port)
  6. Auto accept Files (with a default folder selectable)
  7. Autorun as Server/Client

Another feature is, that if it connects to the other part and sees, that this guy has a newer version, it will automatically receive the file and updates itself.

-link to german board-



Größe: 58kB
Version: 1.006